Chocolate Mug Cakes With Hazelnut or Nutella!

Chocolate Mug Cakes With Hazelnut or Nutella!

When it comes to mug cakes, everyone has an opinion. Some people adore the fast and easy cakes, others think they taste too dry. There are several instant mug cakes on the market that turn out pretty mediocre. No one wants to eat a dry or crusty cake. Store-purchased mug cakes often seem overly spongy and airy. But the reason mug cakes won’t go away is that it’s the perfect way to have just one serving. Nobody can resist an entire cake in my household! Thankfully I’ve come up with a way to have delicious chocolate mug cakes to die for!

This recipe is egg-free because eggs are the culprit behind the extra-spongey cake problem. When you bake a full-sized cake, you may use 1-2 eggs maximum. But if you put 1 egg in one mug cake, it’s easy to see why that overwhelms a single serving.

What You Need:

¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
¼ tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. granulated sugar (if you prefer a slightly sweeter cake, add just 1 more tbsp. of sugar)
⅛ tsp. salt
¼ cup + 1 tbsp. 2 % milk
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 tbsp. hazelnut chocolate spread

Directions: Get a medium bowl to whisk together all of your dry ingredients (unsweetened cocoa powder, flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, salt). Slowly whisk in the milk and vegetable oil until all ingredients are blended together. The batter shouldn’t have any lumps. Pour your batter into a microwave-safe mug. It’s best to get a larger mug, probably at least 12-ounces. My mug was an oversize 16-ouncer from Disney World! The bigger the mug, the more space the cake has to rise to the top withou pouring over the edge and making a mess.


Next add 1 tbsp. of hazelnut chocolate spread to the middle of the batter. All you need to do is drop it in the middle of the batter. No muss, no fuss, don’t worry about pushing it down so it sinks in. The hazelnut will sink in all on its own. To protect your microwave from any spillover, put a paper towel down under the mug. You then microwave the mug cake for about one minute. You can add about another 10 seconds to make sure it is done, but be careful not to overcook! Remove and serve.


The biggest issue with mug cakes is always the cook time in the microwave oven. Remember that all microwaves are different. If your microwave is 1000 watts like mine, then 60 seconds should be just fine.

If you don’t like chocolate hazelnut spread, just leave that out. I do think the best way to increase the moisture of the mug cake is to add a spread. Get as creative as you want. You can add peanut butter, dark chocolate pudding or even Nutella!

Hershey’s has a new line of spreads that are designed to compete with Nutella. Although I haven’t tried all of them, I do recommend the Almond spread.


  1. Pam Lawrence

    I just found out I have all of this stuff in the cupboard so I can’t wait to make it, ALSO CUTE MUG! <3

  2. Catherine

    My college-age DD is gonna love these cakes! She can make them in the dorm kitchen.

  3. Kristelle

    I made this as a surprise for my kids last night, and they loved it. They had to stay in and not trick or treat so this made up for lost candy.

  4. Vannesa

    I made this with gluten-free flour because I’m GF, and it tasted pretty good!

  5. Cory's Girl


  6. Anony1999

    This with Nutella is a thing of legend.

  7. Don

    I can’t resist chocolate. If i only eat one, it’s totally not breaking my diet, right?

  8. Lamprey

    I agree about the microwave cook time. No more than 60 seconds or you will fry it. If necessary test it and put it back in, but don’t go over 60.

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